ARTS & HERITAGE – Jo Gresswell

Highly Commended Award – Jo Gresswell

Jo was the deserving Highly Commended awardee for this year’s Arts & Heritage award and has dedicated years as a volunteer with Brierley Hill Musical Theatre Company. She joined at the age of 6 and is now Vice-Chair!

Here are some lovely photos from the evening and Jo’s nominations [she’s so amazing she was nominated by two different people!] are below:

Volunteering Activity:

Jo produces BHMTC Annual Pantomimes and Youth Group shows as well as being Vice Chairman on the BHMTC committee. Jo works with a range of people from all age ranges from 7 years to 60+.  She organises events and activities to promote BHMTC and its youth section.

Reason for nomination:

Nomination one:

Jo is an amazing lady. She works incredibly hard to produce and put on BHMTC’s annual pantomimes and youth shows, giving children the opportunity to gain confidence and the ability to perform at Brierley Hill Civic Hall in front of large audiences.

Jo has been volunteering for BHMTC for over 15 years.  As well as being a lifetime member of BHMTC she has performed and taken the lead in many of the company’s main shows, pantomimes and concerts. She is dedicated in the work she does and goes above and beyond to help young people achieve their dreams. She believes in the youth of the company and strives to support them, in turn laying the foundations for a strong and formidable future for BHMTC. Without Jo I believe that there would be many children who would not have gone on to become the people they are today, myself included.

In 2010 Jo selected me to take on the role of principal boy in the pantomime Cinderella. I had never taken on a principal role before and I was unsure whether I would be able to do it as I had low confidence and self-esteem. Jo supported me by building up my confidence and working with me to teach me how to perform to an audience. She never allowed me to doubt myself and was always encouraging me. Being able to sing a solo at the Civic Hall has been one of my dreams and Jo allowed me carry out that dream. If it wasn’t for that opportunity I’m sure I wouldn’t have the confidence I have today to choreograph BHMTC pantomimes and youth shows. I am only one of many that this has happened for.

Jo is able to see star quality in young people and has an eye for being able to build up their confidence to allow them to be the best they can be. She is able to build their aspirations and allows them to become the stars and performers they are meant to be.  She is an amazing lady and truly deserves this award.

Nomination two:

Jo is the Director of Brierley Hill Musical Theatre Group’s annual pantomime and also the Producer of the company’s annual youth production.

She engages with people across a broad age range to produce productions for the local community to enjoy/raise funds for the society (which is a registered charity) and build confidence amongst the members.

Jo has been a member of Brierley Hill Musical Theatre Group since a young age, where she herself took part in the pantomimes and shows and heading out on stage as lead parts such as Nancy in Oliver.

Jo also holds the position of Vice Chairman.

Jo is an outstanding pillar of the community not just for her love of shows and pantomimes etc. but also her passion to help others succeed.  Jo doesn’t put all the hard work in for herself but for others to enjoy and grow from.

Over the past few years Jo has had to overcome things in her personal life, which have made her a stronger person but also with the love to help others it has helped her through.

She never puts herself first and is always willing to give up her time to put in the effort and help others no matter what.